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From pens to pensions, let us guide you in setting up your claim.

Successive governments from different political parties, have increased the claimable % over a 16 year period from 150% to its current 230%. HMRC websites actively promoting the scheme…. to support small innovative companies with high growth potential.

Government can appear to be adding cost burdens onto SMEs but this provides a cash inflow, so why are companies not claiming on a no cost basis? See separate sheet Myth Busters.

An idea that is struggling to become a commercially viable proposition can be supported to become successful. This is probably the most famous example:

The R&D Claim company is an Accountancy led business but with the specialist Technical people required to ensure the claim goes through efficiently and successfully.

We have 10 years' experience of working with companies and HMRC, providing best practices and processes to suit the requirements and resources of the claiming company.

We specialise in the R and D scheme, but we can identify other areas of possible income e.g. Capital Allowances.

Embedded Capital Allowances – Your Statutory Right.

Put simply, Embedded Capital Allowances are the items that would remain intact if a commercial property was turned upside down. Whereas standard accountancy practice is to claim for 'everyday' items such as phones, computers and flooring, the more complex 'out of sight' or embedded items are commonly overlooked due to a lack of general knowledge around ECA’s. Often this comes down to Accountants not having a credible ECA partner that they can refer their clients to in complete confidence.

Likewise, whether they are acting for the Buyer or Seller, Solicitors often neglect their legal CPSE 32 obligation to advise clients at the conveyance stage, of their right to claim Embedded Capital Allowances. This results in clients losing out on significant, and often crucial revenues back into their businesses.

Typical Embedded Capital Allowance items are: CCTV systems, fire alarms, cabling, networks, heating & air conditioning systems, which amount to substantial, legitimate claims. On average, a thorough Embedded Capital Allowance assessment can uncover up to 25% of the purchase price of a commercial property in legitimate claimable allowances.

Our Partners not only have a thorough understanding of the HMRC guidelines, but also a team of tax specialists and surveyors in place to collate, validate and provide a legitimate, concise itemised claim to submit to HMRC, working alongside the clients Accountant.

So, if you own a UK commercial property and pay UK tax, or are about to purchase or sell a UK commercial property, you could well benefit from getting in touch with our partners - CARS


Please note that selling, or transferring a property to a SIPP or SSAS (which constitutes a sale) would result in this benefit being passed onto the new owner, or worse still, lost!